Hello! My name is Lisa and I’m the author of this blog. I’m a passionate gamer, lover of cats (especially my own!) and appreciator of rock music. I live in the UK and have spent most of my work career so far in analytical job roles, which has given me some great tools to analyse and reflect on my own life and thought patterns.

My inspiration for setting up this blog comes from finding myself sinking lower and lower into a much darker world that what I had grown up in. I had begun to feel very low on a consistent basis but was determined to find a way out of feeling unhappy and not accept it as a permanent part of my life. Over the past year I have spent a lot of time researching different ideas and approaches. My goal is to help others through a difficult time in their lives by sharing my research and experiences in hope that those reading my blog can relate and take what they find helpful to guide them on their own journey.

We’ve all got our own reasons why we feel low and there is no one answer or set amount of time it will take to overcome depression. What is important though is that you are here right now trying. You are important and you do deserve to be happy and you are not alone, we’re on this journey together.

Never forget what it is like to see the world as a child, Senua: where every autumn leaf is a work of art; every rolling cloud, a moving picture; every day a new story. We too emerge from this magic, like a wave from the ocean, only to return back to the sea. Do not mourn the waves, the leaves and the clouds. Because even in darkness the wonder and beauty of the world never leaves. It’s always there, just waiting to be seen again

Quote from my favourite video game, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

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